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version 1.2
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This iPhone/iPod/iPad app is an off-line version
of the web site

Wildflowers of the Cabrillo National Monument.

Current version 1.2
Released March 31, 2016

New in version 1.2
  • Updated for iOS 9.
  • Restore appearance Style broken under iOS 8.
  • Added the 'Scale' feature (screen magnification) introduced in the Android version of the app.
  • A modest content update includes the addition of eleven new species and about 130 new or updated photos.
  • Some tweaks to the User Interface to make navigation more natural.
  • Fix a minor bug.

Note: The large size of the app can result in significant download times even over a fast Internet connection.

The CNM WildFlowers app provides access to the entire content of the CNM Wildflowers web site, including its searchable database, even when your device has no access the Internet. It is perfect for exploring the remote flower-filled areas of Point Loma that lack cell reception. If your device has access to the Internet the web version will generally provide the most up to date source of this content.

A secondary advantage of the app is that all of the content resides on you device so the content generally loads quicker than even the highest speed connection will allow. Further, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen provides immediate access to several of the site’s key functions.

The size of the app is its principal disadvantage. The app's content is significant as it includes over 340 plants showcased by over 2500 photos. After you add the searchable database the storage burden on your device's internal memory is over 300MB. This large size also means it can take quite a while to download or update. In fact, it is too large to use a cell phone connection, you will have to use WiFi or do the install from your computer.

An easy way to experience the content of this app before deciding to do the big download is to visit the on-line version. Here is a direct link to the mobile version of the web site.

There are a few differences between the content of the web site and the app. The principal one is that the on-line version is generally the most up to date both in terms of content and features. Second, the app has a toolbar at the bottom of the screen providing instant access to a few of the site's most important navigation pages. Because of this we have removed some of the unnecessary intra-site links from the app. For example, there is no need for a "Finder" link on any of the app's pages since the Finder is always available as a button on the toolbar. The app also includes a filter to limit the plants to just those known to found at Cabrillo National Monument, or alternatively allow all of the plants of the Point Loma Ecological Conservation Area to be browsed. Finally, the app has a built-in "Flower Log" (or notebook) where you can enter notes about your flower encounters while in the field.

This app and its sister "SMM Wildflowers" share many of the same plants and hence many of the same pictures. If you like SMM WildFlowers and are looking for plants at the Cabrillo National Monument that SMM WildFlowers does not contain then this is the app for you.


New in v1.1 (July 2014)
  • Added the ability to restrict the plants to only those found within Cabrillo National Monument or to those found within the greater region of the Point Loma Ecological Conservation Area.

Initial Release: v1.0 (July 2014)

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